Socially Responsive Design ProjectProcess

Posted by Camilla Wed, November 03, 2010 23:07:40

Through my SRDV project I participated in last year, I got much more avare of the context in a project, and the local resources in a society.Blog image


Posted by Camilla Wed, November 03, 2010 22:30:42

Old industrial buildings were build to last, and I personally see a huge value in giving them a new life, and telling their stories from the past.

Highline by Diller Scofidio + Renfro
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It used to be an old abandoned elevated railroad now transformed into a public park. What I like the most about the project is the social aspect of it, giving a public park to the society, not tearing it down and building another private office building. It's also the only park in NY with a view.

The value of craftProcess

Posted by Camilla Wed, November 03, 2010 21:41:32

Traditional craft tell stories about culture and history of a place. It focuses local and every item is unique. The social aspect in learning and including the local resources are qualities that are important in our society today. The Spinnery focuses on local involvement and resources.

Blog imageIt often has a tendency to look back to see how things are done. How can we challenge people to experiment with craft and continue the traditions, and create new ones in todays society?

Transition NetworkInspiration

Posted by Camilla Fri, October 29, 2010 14:40:28

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Transition Network started as a student project in Ireland in 2005, and have now developed in more than 150 societies in Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Låndås in Norway is by now the only Norwegian society who is a part of the network.

With a focus on permaculture, using few resources to cover their needs and strengthen the community.


Posted by Camilla Fri, October 29, 2010 12:58:35

Massproduced products are in many ways a contrast to handcrafted. They are produced in large numbers, and are cheap to buy. It is easy to throw away when we want something new. The products are often shipped across the globe to reach their consumers.

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9 Words about my projectProcess

Posted by Camilla Fri, October 29, 2010 12:54:41

I have written a short sentence to try to summarize my question and intention of my Masters project: How to facilitate experimentation and continuation of local craftsmanship?


Posted by Camilla Fri, October 29, 2010 12:43:55


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The location of my project is in a town called Fredrikstad south east in Norway, close to the Swedish border. The city has traditions in craftsmanship.

The SpinneryAbout the project

Posted by Camilla Thu, October 21, 2010 15:26:40

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Currently working on my Master degree in Interior Architecture at Oslo Academy of the Arts. Transformation of a hundred year old building into a centre for contemporary craft focusing on local resources.

Finishing June 2011.

Here I will update you on my process!